[Video] Tall fences at adrenaline-pumping Stadium Truck Races are mandatory image

Thanks to the advancements of safety crash technology and the welcomed assistance of a pretty tall and hard fence, Stadium Super Trucks driver Pat O’Keefe emerged unscathed after a pretty good crash that took place during last weekend’s race in Long Beach, California.

If you’ve never heard of Stadium Super Trucks, you should immediately head over to YouTube and watch a few highlights of such races. This is a high-octane, high-adrenaline racing series which involves specially designed trucks that have powers of around 600 horsepower and will go as fast as 130 miles per hour. Aside from the truck body style this is actually pretty common in the world of racing but these trucks are designed with a catch – they focus on jumping ramps located in strategic places throughout the course. These ramps will make the truck fly up to 20 feet in the air and hundreds of feet down the course – and you can imagine sometimes they also collide mid-air.

This was not the case with O’Keefe, which actually had a hard landing after one such ramp, losing control of the vehicle in the process. With the truck approaching another ramp at high velocity the driver had no choice but to go along with the laws of physics, while the ramp caught the truck going sideways. This second jump sent him into the fence and then the truck rolled over a few times. Safety officials were on point and quickly took him out, though not before he had the chance to wave to the cheering fans.