[Video] Taxi drivers are annoying everywhere, but in Russia they can meet their match image

We’re not going to paint a bad picture of the taxi driver job but we can all agree some of these drivers are the worst possible – but sometimes justice comes swift and quickly, as it should.

We’re going to break out of context here a bit – if you saw the trailers for the Batman v Superman blockbuster you know the first part of the movie hinges on the clash between two types of justice – the one bluntly delivered by Batman and the God-like appearance of Superman. Take this into real-life and what you’ll witness here is a healthy dose of Bat-like vigilante inflicted by real, ordinary people. Before you look at the video we can paint an easy picture – there’s a taxi driver that must be a jerk unwilling to let an ambulance pass by as it strived to change lanes. We could easily dismiss this as a regular case of acting Russian – but as much as not all taxi drivers are bad, it’s also true that not all Russian drivers are crazy (just look on YouTube at the instances when they do the Good Samaritan act).

While there are numerous douchebags all over the world, this time around the world turned against him and showed that if you’re a bad person you’ll be punished. And yes, before anyone comments, the ambulance had its signals on and if you look closely to the end you’ll see it had to change lanes because it was driving to an adjacent street. By the way, the punishment inflicted to the taxi driver wasn’t by any means severe enough – good will people that act out to do the right thing also tend to be fairly mild on others…