Lamborghini is arguably opening up the page for a new niche in the book of SUVs, with the new Urus not taking part in the eternal high-performance wars but trumping them altogether.

Take a manager and a video feed and you’ll usually end up with something boring – but after the Urus in the latest teaser took off to the dunes we’re inclined to pay more attention. The “Super SUV” is back in a more “mundane” teaser, with the manager talking about the challenges and opportunities for the company, and the video also showing us quick glimpses of the engine along with other bits and bobs. LM002’s spiritual successor has been long in the making – the previewing concept has been around for what it feels like an eternity, while the engine has been named as a biturbo 4.0-liter V8 for around two years already.

We also know it’s going to sport 650 Italian “cavali” – probably not the same with American ponies… The footage even delivers the first glimpse of a body shell of a black Urus, complete with look inside the unfinished cabin – while pausing at the appropriate moment (0:18) will also reveal three examples residing under car covers to signal production is well under way. We also know Lamborghini’s third model is being based off the same MLB Evo platform as the Porsche Cayenne, so it’s no surprise it will arrive complete with four-wheel steering on December 4.



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