JB Straubel, the less known and media revered co-founder and chief technical officer at Tesla Motors, has recently delivered a presentation at the University of Nevada, Reno, saying the automaker was now focusing its personnel and resources on the mass-market Model 3 electric car.

The youngest and smallest US automaker, Tesla Motors, has been the sweetheart of both media and investors for its merger of traditional automaking with Silicon Valley prowess in its fully electric battery cars. The carmaker has so far delivered low volume models – such as the first generation Roadster or the second generation Model S sedan and Model X crossover. “Tesla was not founded to make expensive cars. To make luxury or high performance cars. This is a misconception that comes up all of the time,” commented JB Straubel in the presentation. ”And it’s perhaps understandable based on the cars we’ve built today. But it is not our mission. Our mission is to make cars that everyone can afford,” he added. One step towards that goal is also the construction of the largest battery factory in the world – dubbed the Gigafactory – in Nevada.

And now he also added that most of the people at the company have moved away from focusing on the Model S and Model X and are “hard at work designing and inventing the technologies to go into the Model 3.” With the help of the said Gigafactory, which should reduce the price point of electric car batteries, the company aims to produce “hundreds of thousands per year instead of tens of thousands.” He also added the progress on the battery plant near Reno in Sparks, Nevada has been so fast they would have employees in the factory the upcoming weeks – a phased approach would see operations starting even as half of the complex is not ready yet.

Via Forbes


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