The California-based luxury electric automaker has been well known to indulge in the Easter Egg tradition – meaning pretty useless functions are incorporated into its vehicles and functions, hidden many times in plain sight.

Last time around, we noticed there were two. One involved the useless and stupid vehicle type switch – for example even if you had a Model S 70D you could pretend via your displays that you were on board the mighty P90D. The other one is also useless but at least brings a smile on our faces – the Autopilot function has a road with the vehicle on it and the former can be transformed into a or at least prepare accordingly for the incredible production of Model 3 vehicles needed to honor all pre-orders, they still like to fiddle around with colors, it seems.

The new Easter Egg we heard about is handling flashing lights that change color. This time around the part affected is the ring around the charging port. It appears someone over at Tesla is catering for the three-year old toddlers – which might be the only ones finding it interesting, though I can’t imagine any parent letting the child lose next to a charging cable. You can see this lame Easter Egg on video below. If you want to save the time involved with watching it, you can just activate the thingy by pressing the charge button on the handle quickly, ten times, while the car is locked and charging.



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