[Video] Tesla Model 3 flaunts its metal skin during promo shoot image

While the American electric automaker has programmed the first deliveries of the Model 3 for late next year, we already have footage of the electric sedan after being spotted on the streets of California.

The Model S camera car that was in front of the Model 3 is a pretty dead giveaway, so we’re guessing the Model 3 is an early prototype involved in a promotional shoot on the streets of Marina Del Rey in southern California. We’re happy though to see the Model 3 flaunt its metal shapes in broad daylight as we can better judge its styling and proportions – especially seeing it stack up against the larger Model S. Tesla is going to make the jump from specialist automaker to mainstream constructor with the help of the Model 3. Though we’re pretty sure even over-confident Elon Musk wasn’t expecting the 325, 000 pre-orders registered in just a week – meaning the company will have its time filled with brainstorming sessions about increasing planned production.

By the way, the CEO has also said the official introduction late last month was actually just “part one” and the part 2 will showcase the Model 3 “closer to production”. Anyways, pricing must be a factor when judging the huge success of the Model 3 since the first 200,000 buyers will also be able to snatch a $7,500 federal tax credit. Five persons will have room inside and the Model 3 will also be offered in the feisty dual-motor AWD guise, increasing its appeal for crossover buyers.

Via Tesla Motors Fans