[Video] Tesla Model 3 prototype caught on the street image

A newly released spy video showcases the more affordable electric sedan of the Californian automaker looking ready for the consumers months ahead of its actual dealership introduction.

This new spy video is a hint towards the idea that Tesla’s Model 3 production version might actually look virtually identical to the prototype Tesla used for the public reveal from last year. The company will start series assembly work from July after trials this month, and the example in the video is looking ready to enter the automaker’s stores – as the brand doesn’t use the traditional dealership network. The Model 3 seems to be doing its thing at an office park where both Tesla and SpaceX operate – this car is most likely from the pre-production series that kicked off February 20.

After series production kicks off, the first clients will actually be Tesla employees and investors – high volume work will begin in September, and it needs to get things going as there are hundreds of thousands of reservations. The car will arrive with a range of more than 215 miles (346 kilometers) and a starting price of about $35,000, complete with Tesla’s cutting edge Autopilot system. The Tesla Model 3 will compete in terms of pricing and performance with the newly introduced Chevrolet Bolt – and we’re expecting the next generation Nissan Leaf to also get in the same area.

Via Electrek