[Video] Tesla Model S abides owner’s smartphone summoning and drives itself image

We’re leaving on the brink of an automotive revolution – we’re telling you this on a regular basis here – as autonomous technology is making itself ever more present in today’s cars.

Currently there are so many safety and assistance systems out there you would have trouble remembering and naming them all – and they’re just the tip of the iceberg as automakers have been using them as a way to make our acquaintance to the next evolutionary step. This one has come in the form of semi-autonomous driving functions. But the next big step – to automate certain functions is actually already reaching us. You can have the latest generation 7 Series park itself without you being present at the wheel. But you can also have the same thing done in a Tesla Model S you already own thanks to the recently introduced software update which includes the ‘Summon’ self-parking system.

You can have it on the Model S luxury sedan or the newly launched Model X crossover though Tesla does say it’s in Beta and would very much have you do the testing (this is why it’s called Beta – people test its features but it’s still prone to breaking down) on the owner’s private property. The idea is pretty much self-explanatory – you use the smartphone to summon from or send off to the parking structure the car without you being present inside – a nifty trick if it rains or snows outside, for example. And if you still don’t believe it – just take a glance at the video below.

Via DragTimes