The good folks over at DragTimes have decided the Tesla Model S P100D featuring the Ludicrous Plus feature needs a good workout in a controlled environment.

So they decided to strap it to the dyno and unleash its massive power – and the results were shocking. Of course, after being secured on the rig and spun up, the electric luxury sedan started reducing power and throwing error codes left and right – after all, modern cars are now smart enough to know when their wheels are spinning and there’s no forward motion at all. But the experts prevailed and a full power run was put down to amazing results. At the crank, the P100D with Ludicrous + delivered 588.79 horsepower and an enormous 920.37 pound-feet of torque (1247.85 Nm).

DragTimes noted the Tesla was charged at 88% during the recorded run, which could have an impact on the power figures – resulting in lower figures than if it were at full battery. In addition, they also considered the torque to be a bit higher in reality – because at peak conditions they couldn’t avoid wheel spin. Once again, this proves Tesla right when they presented the Model S as the fastest accelerating four door sedan in the world – with a performance only beaten by limited series hypercars such as the Porsche 918 Spyder.

Via DragTimes


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