[Video] Tesla Model S P85D loses straight line acceleration test against BMW M4 image

Drag races are all about how fast will you reach a high speed on a given distance. But if you really want to test the car’s prowess you do a straight line acceleration test without a standing start.

This is exactly what the authors of the following video did, actually taking away the advantage of electric cars having the full amount of torque from a standing still. That meant the cars acceleration from a certain speed were more on a level playing field. We all know the electric cars such as Tesla’s Model S P85D marvel have lots of torque that is usable right away, but they also plateau really fast. This is exactly what happened here: the massive instant torque developed by the 700 hp Model S P85D was very useful in the beginning, but after a few seconds the M4 will make better use of the power at hand and pull away into the sunset. So, if you’re a Tesla Model S owner and want to drag race, just make sure the competitor agrees to a standing start first and then try to race on very short distances. Because if you agree to a rolling start and racing to the top speed of the cars you’ll surely lose…badly.

Still, the Tesla Model S P85D is no slouch and the guys headed by billionaire co-founder and chief executive officer Elon Musk even came up with the ludicrous contraption of having a “Ludicrous Mode” on the even newer P90D that dials up the technical sophistication of the electric luxury sedan to make sure 100 km/h (62 mph) can be reached in an astonishing time of 2.9 seconds. On the other hand the BMW M4 harnesses the traditional Bavarian performance and compacts it under the hood to provide 431 horses and a 62 mph time of just 4.1 seconds.