[Video] Tesla Model S P90D posts new quarter mile record – goes below 11 seconds image

The California-based company has been so successful – at least in the eyes of its fans and of investors – because it successfully proved electric cars can also be fun.

That means that while it’s still environmentally friendly it hasn’t sacrificed performance for it. It hasn’t actually sacrificed anything actually – it’s a luxurious ride, a high-tech experience and even has a very good range for a battery-powered vehicle. But what we care mostly is of course performance – with the flagship P90D being a thorough bread. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise this video depicts the luxury sedan packing high 10-second range passes on the quarter mile drag strip. The owner said it was his first attempt with the model and used it at Rockingham Dragstrip in North Carolina, with the Ludicrous mode activated, of course.

The EV is eerie silent but has no problem going below the 11 seconds mark – at the very end we can also see the results of multiple passes. Tesla is actually responsible for the great results because recently it opted for an over-the-air update that unlocked some 68 more horsepower from the powertrain – with more than one owner coming up with figures of 672 hp (501 kW) at the wheels on a dyno.

Via Electrek

  • Michael B

    “thorough bread”, LOL. Aurel, editors… tsk tsk.

  • James

    Wow, I always thought electric motors were high on starting torque but low on horsepower. Nope! This thing’s got some ponies!