Down under things happen differently and you can have a very green car pitted against a true wheeled monster, in this case a very commercial airline Boeing 737.

We’re actually used to seeing supercars pitted against airplanes, but this time around the drag racing credentials are indeed interesting. What we have here is the very luxurious and high-tech Model S executive sedan – possibly trying to recapture the spotlight after the Model 3 grabbed everyone’s attention last week. And since we’re dealing here with a vehicle that can be fitted with a system called officially “Ludicrous” mode we all know crazy thing are bound to happen. So far the Model S has been pitted pretty much against anything with four wheels – it may be electric and preaching the green things to the people but we’re still full of videos with the Model S taking on supercars on the drag strip.

Now moving back to Australia, where the shenanigan happened we found a P90D made a visit to an airport. It wasn’t there to meet a VIP, but instead has been allowed to enter the runway of Avalon airport, near Melbourne, in order to race a Boeing 737. This was done with support from Qantas, Australia’s national carrier as well as Tesla as the duo share a partnership. We’re going to let you enjoy the quirky race and only tell you the Tesla was driven by pro driver Tony D’Alberto, with the plane handled by Captain Steve Gist and Captain Kevin Tonge.



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