[Video] Tesla Model S should get app support and Chrome browser by end of 2014 image

Tesla is continuing its worldwide expanse, as Elon Musk and its company now target the important European market of Germany. Among the news about their visit there, besides the new Superchargers set to open soon, Musk has also announced some new technicalities.

More specific, as it is a true car of the XXI century, Tesla aims to keep its toes in the digital world – so there is no surprise that its CEO, billionaire entrepreneur and co-founder Elon Musk announced during a keynote in Munich that Tesla’s Model S may soon become a developer friendly car – as much as it is to its buyers.

Musk has revealed during the reception that he strives to open the vehicle’s infotainment system to allow for third-party app integration before 2015 starts. As part of the software transition, the sedan will also get Google’s Chrome web browser – a big step over the current browser, particularly for web friendly applications.

Musk didn’t get into specific details, although he noted that Tesla is “considering” an Android emulator that would be based off the car’s Linux platform. We wouldn’t bet you’ll be able to use Flipboard while stuck in a traffic jam, but it’s clear that the Model S’ center console, with its huge tablet-like display will grow to mirror a general-purpose computer.

Via Engadget