[Video] Tesla parade in China nails Guinness world record image

The California-based electric luxury automaker has managed to grow in China after a particularly problematic start – as evidenced by the recent Beijing Golden Port parade nailing a Model S and X record.

The zero-emissions sedans and SUVs gathered for a “spectacular parade ceremony,” according to a Guinness World Record representative and with 145 Model S and more than 100 Model X autos they nailed the new world record for the largest Tesla parade ever. Because Tesla is not only a performance green brand – but it’s also very merry – the SUVs enacted a “flying car” workout by flapping their wings and also celebrated the achievement with the Christmas light show offered by Tesla as an Easter Egg via an over-the-air update.

With the world’s largest auto market also being the biggest venue for electric cars, Tesla’s popularity is only expected to surge in the coming years – especially as the company moves to introduce the more affordable Model 3. Tesla could also benefit from the government’s push to see electric sales surging from about 330k in 2015 to more than 15 million by 2030, as the officials might implement important new subsidies and perks as a way to convince more people to go green. While Musk has denied earlier reports about a decision to join forces with a local manufacturer for China production, in the years to come the strategy might change as the authorities have even expressed a desire to change the laws regarding joint ventures when EV automakers are looking to set up shop in China.

Via Electrek