The company’s semi-autonomous self driving system – especially following a fatal crash – is not without its detractors. But Tesla is looking towards putting all comments to rest.

As the entire world knows, all new Teslas are being equipped from the factory with new hardware that enables them to achieve almost fully autonomous driving once the company actually has the chance to finish development of the software. Because Tesla doesn’t want fans to worry too much they decided to give us an update of the progress made with the new hardware. The video has a Model X handling traffic all on its own, with the test driver behind the wheel strictly there to obey regulations as he never intervenes. The model is clearly still in testing and development because it has its moments of hesitation – but it’s very impressive nonetheless.

We also witness firsthand the set of priorities – a jogger uses the outer part of the sidewalk and the car sees that as a danger and stops in the middle of the street, but then afterwards when a dog is almost risking jumping onto the road the car keeps going. As per the carmaker’s recent announcements – every car manufactured as of October 19 has the appropriate hardware for the maximum-level autonomous driving. That means 8 cameras, a forward-scanning radar and 12 high-range ultrasonic sensors.



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