[Video] Tesla talks production, delays to continue image

There are literally hundreds of thousands of upcoming Tesla Model 3 owners that are impatiently waiting for the arrival of their new electric ride – but it seems the delays for the California-based automaker aren’t over just yet.

The Delays at the Fremont factory and the Gigafactory location have taken the headlines by storm in recent weeks, going as far as to say that some parts of the manufacturing process were now performed manually by workers, something Tesla send mixed signals about, but Panasonic’s CEO seemed to confirm. The main “bottleneck” seems to be related to the Gigafactory in Nevada, where Tesla is helped by the Japanese high tech company to build the battery cells, modules and packs. The company recently revealed “key elements of which were done by manufacturing systems suppliers, had to be taken over and significantly redesigned by Tesla.”

The company has also finally provided a new timeline for reaching a production cadence of 5,000 units per week – it was first scheduled for the end of the year and has now been officially postponed toward the end of Q1 2018. Also, tesla released new videos with the production of the Model 3 – more precisely the body shop welding station and the final vehicle assembly zone. Of course, even during this debacle the reservations have continued to rise…