[Video] Tesla to offer free in-home charging in Sweden image

Following an agreement with a municipality-owned power company, Tesla will offer free charging to its Swedish customers.

Tesla is growing in popularity in Sweden and last year’s sales results are a proof in this direction. Registration data showed that the electric maker marked an impressive boost in the country in 2015, with a significant increase in December. If Tesla delivered only 268 Model S in Sweden in 2014, last year it sold 996 cars, jumping 271 percent. The company plans to keep the momentum going by announcing an agreement with the Swedish electric company Skelleftea Kraft, to supply the Supercharger network in the country with 100% renewable energy and offer Tesla owners free charging in their homes. The deal is valid over a 3-year period and the customers will benefit from free charging for up to 28,000 miles (45,000 km). Tesla’s partnership with the power company has started last year when Skelleftea Kraft became the exclusive supplier of electricity for the Supercharger network.

Separately, Tesla said that it would update the ‘summon’ self-parking feature over some incidents reports that revealed the system was not particularly well-behaved. Last month, the automaker implemented a new feature to the Autopilot system which made the car open the garage door, enter, park and shut down, all by itself. The cars, which can also park themselves in perpendicular spots to the curb, are limited to auto-driving itself up to 33 feet or until the sensors detect an obstacle. However, tests conducted by Consumer Reports showed that Model S cannot see certain objects and would also continue to move if the smartphone application was closed, or if the key fob was dropped. As a fix, Tesla will add additional protection, so that, if the finger leaves the phone screen or lets go of the key fob button, the car will automatically stop.

Via HybridCars