[Video] Tesla’s Autopilot apparently identifies crash before it actually happens image

Starting September with Tesla’s upgrade of the software available for Model S and X cars, the Autopilot was also treated to a plethora of updates – some important and some only working out internal issues.

Arguably the most critical of all is the switch from the reliance on cameras to the on-board radar – all Model S and Model X vehicles built with front-mounted sensors and since October 2014, have been treated to an over-the-air update enabling the radar to see better and further ahead than cameras – even “looking” past the car in front to better predict and react to a potential hazard. Now it seems the enhancements have been put to work in this attached dashcam footage recorded by a Model S on the A2 near Eindhoven in The Netherlands. Here we get to see and also hear how the technology works – detecting and avoiding an accident occurring between the two cars in front of it.

Around two seconds ahead of the crash between the Opel Corsa and the back of the black SUV, the driver of the Model S is notified via audio by the Forward Collision Warning alerting of impending danger. The Model S predicted the accident apparently and also issued automatic braking ahead of the driver reacting to the warning. Hans Noordsij, the man behind the wheel also said the people in the cars that crashed were fortunately ok.

Via Hans Noordsij via Electrek.co