[Video] Tesla’s crazy fans strike again with parody directed at General Motors image

One video with a crazy alien monster on the moon called Tesla trashing astronauts named after different car brands was gory and fun – but this one we’re hoping will be the end of it.

Tesla, the California-based automaker that specializes in producing only electric cars has gained a cult following, making some talk about the “Church of Tesla” complex already. One prime example may be this video parody that we’re hoping it’s not going to be turned into a series. With the automaker launching the highly anticipated Model 3, refreshing the base version of the Model X and facelifting the Model S sedan, we can give a pass to Tesla fans for acting out like horny students. While they think their favorite brand is going to be on top of the world, we give them the patience advice – after all others have faltered while the stakes were infinitely lower.

After the raging Tesla monster trashed the Audi, Lexus and Porsche astronauts and the Faraday Future one was cowardly hiding behind a rock – yes, it still doesn’t make any sense – now the Tesla groupies have decided to take on GM’s Chevrolet Bolt. For once, the crappy CGI has been axed in favor of a sequence from the Avengers, where Loki and Hulk’s characters are swapped for GM and Tesla, respectively. The sequence is easily one of the most entertaining from the very successful action movie – though we’re really not in the point where Tesla can beat senseless any established carmaker in real life.