Mixing up a very cold country with electric power and car batteries appears to have not been the greatest idea ever – as the owner of this Tesla Model S found out right the first day of the new year.

Over up north in Norway a Tesla Model S owner that plugged his electric luxury sedan into the Supercharger network on January 1 found the car to have been reduced to a pile of ashes – fortunately while using the recharging network people usually leave their car alone so no one was in peril during the incident. We also have footage of the fiery incident, which shows how the flames also engulfed the Supercharger station – while the firefighters call on site had to use a special chemical solution because we’re dealing here with Lithium-Ion batteries. The issue is pretty common when talking about this type of batteries – if you ask around most likely somebody you know experienced a similar incident, albeit when dealing with the charging of their most used device: the phone. Nevertheless, having such expensive things as cars go up in flames (and for Tesla this is not the first incident) has led to fiery debates over the Internet.

And whether you side with one team or another, the safest assumption is to judge for yourself if the technology is safe or not for you to use – of course given that you can afford an electric vehicle in the first place. And we can also wait for Tesla’s official response on the matter – as they showed they will thoroughly investigate such cases and deliver solutions if needed.



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