[Video] The 488 GTB is the Nurburgring king among Ferraris image

Thanks to a supertest performed by German car magazine Sport Auto, we now know the fastest official time for any Ferrari to date when completing the grueling Nurburgring Nordschleife.

The Italian automaker is among the few adepts of not getting crazy over Nurburgring lap times. But there are those that love to see the Prancing Horse take on the Nurburgring Nordschleife exactly because of that. So German car magazine Sport Auto recently managed to pack a 488 GTB and send it to the ‘Ring in order to post some hot laps. The best result was of 7:21.63, which is actually faster than any known lap posted by any other Ferrari model. The magazine’s resident wheelman Christian Gebhardt was at the wheel for the 7 minutes, 21.63 seconds score. This is 6.37 seconds faster than the magazine’s tour from a few years back in the 458 Italia.

And fortunately we also have on-board footage of the full lap from Sport Auto. The twin-turbos seem a bit flat on the notes but the V8 still sounds angry enough, though the main element of shock was how stable the 488 performed. This is something we also noticed in the Camaro ZL1 or the Giulia QV – chassis engineers and tire specialists seem to have their A game as of late. So, it appears the days of drivers wrestling with their cars to compose on the ‘Ring might be over, for good or bad.

Via sport auto