[Video] The Aspark Owl is a secret Japanese electric supercar [Live Frankfurt update] image

We may have never heard of it until now but the model is expected to hit the Frankfurt Motor Show with a bang (figuratively), since it’s gunning for the title of the quickest-accelerating car in the world.

Aspark, a company that even we didn’t know it existed, is seemingly looking to snatch this interesting title from Tesla (you may have seen the YouTube mayhem of Model S cars that take down records on a weekly basis). They have been cooking up an electric sprots car since back in 2014 according to their official website and they’re now almost ready for the official worldwide presentation of the “Owl.” It’s a fully electric zero-emissions supercar, a mysterious machine that has flown under the radar so far. It’s going to debut in front of the crowd at Frankfurt, and hopefully the creators will also share all the interesting technical details.

[Video] The Aspark Owl is a secret Japanese electric supercar 9

For now, what we know is the performance-oriented EV comes fully dressed in carbon fiber, and even has ultra-light magnesium wheels to further reduce unsprang mass. It towers at a mere 990 millimeters / 39 inches and is looking to deliver truly shocking acceleration times – the sprint to 62 mph / 100 kph is targeted at under two seconds. It’s unknown for now if the model presented during the 2017 edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show is the production version or just a prototype, because the official renders are inconclusive for now.