[Video] The Fireball Chevrolet Camaro is a 9-second quarter mile SS image

Of course the muscle car hasn’t remained in factory configuration – because it now has both a supercharger and nitrous injection for a host of 1,100 horsepower sent to the rear wheels and street legal credentials.

The aftermarket specialists over at Fireball Performance Cars have decided that getting to the finish line first isn’t actually enough – as they also want a record in the process. According to their figures, they are the first to have a 2017 Camaro deliver a low-end nine-second pass in the quarter-mile – exactly 9.006 seconds at a trap speed of 149 miles per hour. The company’s standard guise Fireball 900 Camaro already delivered mid nine-second passes after being presented months ago at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. That’s thanks to the 990 street-legal horsepower coming from a raft of engine enhancements that include a massive supercharger.

The tuned Fireball 900 gets an even beefier supercharge, a kitchen sink, and also added nitrous. They got to 1,100 horsepower in the process. The company is now looking for upgrades in the transmission department – the standard eight-speed automatic has remained in place, and they are now shopping for an upgraded torque converter. By the way, if you’re not into such extreme measures you can also have the Fireball 700 with “just” 720 horsepower. Upgrades include a 1200CFM supercharger, bespoke ECM tune, Fireball-specific wheels, and custom badges.