You’re not misreading that headline – instead of the usual Ford Mustang going against the Chevy we have the European prodigy child of the American automaker.

The usual discussion is what to have between the Camaro SS and the Mustang GT, but as it turns out, since it’s now a truly global model the Focus RS can be used as a substitute – thanks to the input from the Ford Performance division. Because it would have been too odd perhaps to see both at the same time on the track this “battle” is of the time attack nature. So, the 2016 Camaro SS did its number on the Magny-Cours track while the media outlet also had the previous numbers from a run with the Focus RS on the same circuit.

While these two performance machines are seemingly wildly different, we can tell you the “battle” is tight – but we won’t spoil the fun of viewing the videos for yourself to find the actual lap times of the two machines. We’re not patiently looking to see how the European version of the newly launched 2018 Mustang would compare to the list of times the media outlet has amassed over time. By the way, since we’re dealing with a V8 muscle car and a Focus RS that comes with an embedded Drift Mode, some sideways action is to be expected and requested.

Via Motorsport Magazine


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