[VIDEO] The future is here – Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 Concept image

As the title “suggests”, Mercedes-Benz has pulled the wraps off a futuristic truck concept which has been “miraculously” named the Future Truck 2025 Concept.

The model in question is coming with a lot of safety gizmos which will eventually be seen in future production cars signed by Mercedes-Benz, possibly in the next generation of the flagship S-Class. Here we can mention the Predictive Powertrain Control, which is using the road topography and the characteristics of the route to adjust the powertrain operation in order to “keep an eye” on the fuel consumption and lower it.

This system will help the optimal acceleration and braking and it will eventually improve the traffic flow and also reduce the fuel consumption, which I already mentioned above. The “best” part about this futuristic truck concept is that it’s autonomous. It has the Highway Pilot assistance system, which is allowing it to drive itself up to speeds of up to 85 km/h (53 mph), which isn’t that fast but it will eventually get your goods to their destination safely and you won’t have to hire cheap labor anymore.

The vehicle in question will also get to communicate with other trucks in order to travel closely together and take up less road space, so this will be appreciated on the highway but hated on one-lane roads if you will try to overtake one. But hold on, this seems like a déjà vu. Anyway, it seems that the future of the trucks has been judged and truckers will have to stick to office work and coffee breaks in order to have more “fun”.