[Video] The Grand Tour apparently has a serious side image

Of course we’re joking. While trying to show the world how to get rid of the hideous traffic cones, Hammond is successful in making us laugh once more – they won’t have a dramatic career after all.

If the Top Gear years are any indication, the Grand Tour should be about an hour of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May messing and fooling around. But there is a serious aspect to the show as well – according to this behind the scenes clip shows, in which Hammond is helping us get rid of a serious problem that has messed around with drivers all around the world. You would think traffic cones are mass produced, by the million, in huge factories. But no, you’re wrong – they actually grow under watermelons. They grow all year round, in any climate, and in any type of soil. But they also love the grassy areas of World War Two airfields – especially the ones now used as car test tracks.

The scourge that plagues the world was happily – but accidentally – discovered by Swiss botanist Dr. Herman Affictray-Onecay and then were used by evil genius road planner Theodore Idlockgray from Britain to have whole countries reduced to a standstill. We are happy to report though there’s an easy way of riding the world of this plague – and we can assume Hammond has made an instructional film about the process.