[Video] The Grand Tour finally releases a trailer, alongside airdate image

Starting November 18 all car aficionados have a new address to see automotive trials and tribulations – the former Top Gear trio finally takes off with their new The Grand Tour show on Amazon Prime.

We have been teased and teased again over the past few months, but we’re finally nearing the air date of what promises to be their biggest endeavor to date – and hopefully also the best. With the first official trailer also comes the announcement of the show’s first episode air date, as well as the feeling that although almost nothing has been spoiled, we’re going to see Clarkson, Hammond, May, and their production team, spearheaded by Andy Wilman at their finest. Nothing is new apparently either – though it’s also not that bad – we still have stunning environments, great slowmotion, nonsense powersliding, and some helicopters.

But they’re also going for 4K high definition photography – and thanks to the astounding budget the cinematic feel is ever more present. Clarkson, Hammond, and May are back at their finest, hooning like kids around a race track in the holy trinity of hybrid hypercars. The first season will have 12 episodes and Amazon has commissioned a total of 36 in three seasons – though some fans might fret the fact they’re going to pay for a subscription.