The Grand Tour Season 2 – with or without Hammond, still recuperating from its last serious crash – is inching forward and fans have recently been treated to a sneak peek to the upcoming automotive madness.

As far as we can tell, May, Hammond, and Clarkson are again driving anything that moves – from a TT RS to a tank… The Grand Tour boys are back again and as far as we can tell the production budget hasn’t gone down a bit. Filming for the second season of the show has been riddled with unexpected and sometimes unfortunate events – but the sneak peek is showing the trio doing what they do best, no not driving, it’s fooling around. Amazon outed the teaser trailer to go with their Prime Day, the annual online retailer’s sales day, explaining the clip shows images from Switzerland, the U.K., and Mozambique.

The last one seems to depict the trio playing with off-road vehicles through a muddy mayhem, but the Swiss location is unfortunately the one where Hammond sustained an injury after crashing in a very exotic Rimac electric supercar during a hillclimb event. The production schedule seems to have been messed up a bit – with the original October introduction of the Season 2 now relegated by Amazon to “later this year.” In the teaser we do get to see some of the vehicles – green Mercedes-AMG GT R, tracked tank-like vehicle, McLaren 720S, motorcycle and pickup truck, an Audi TT RS, a Lancia Rally 037, a Jaguar XJ8, and an Ariel Nomad.



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