[Video] The Grand Tour had a 1,900 hp Nissan Patrol that ghosted a 918 image

While it’s seemingly an Arabian Nights Nissan Patrol SUV, this is one GT-R inspired off-roader that has seemingly decided that being a Hulk can’t impede with hypercar glory dreams.

During the final episode of The Grand Tour show, Richard Hammond has decided to pit a Porsche 918 Spyder (owner of the Nurburgring lap record for production cars) against a seemingly normal Nissan Patrol. While that may sound stupid at first glance, remember we’re dealing with these guys – so the Nissan SUV is by no means a normal one. Instead, under the hood there’s a tuned turbocharged engine off a GT-R – packing no less than 1,900-horsepower (1,416-kilowatt) now.

This project belongs to F Performance Garage in Dubai, and aside from the obvious engine swap, the Patrol also gets the suspension, subframe, transmission, and even steering wheel from the GT-R. The aftermarket specialists also opted for road race tires, massive brakes, and a GT-R-inspired hood with functioning vents – and even absolute beginners would still be able to put the power to the road thanks to the launch control system. Maximum speed is said to be at around 205 miles per hour (329 kilometers per hour) – so the Patrol naturally went past the 918 with flying colors – earning the Internet designation, “918 Killer.”