[Video] The Grand Tour still in predicament with no driver image

The trio is up to its old shenanigans, which are actually not growing old on us – because they’re just like fine wine… even when trying to secure a new driver and failing hilariously.

Watching Amazon Prime’s latest teasers for the second season of The Grand Tour feel like watching the back reel of a Jackie Chan movie – only instead of a Chinese guy making his own stunts we see three British blokes making fun of themselves and everything else in between. Because The Grand Tour has a job opening since the dismissal of the American (we applied, heard nothing back) and they have already trialed some of their imagined replacements – including the recently retired Formula One and World Endurance Championship driver Mark Webber. It’s easy to see why he fails, he doesn’t know how to drive anything else than a Porsche…

And we have another teaser that comes to develop the story even more, as Jeremy Clarkson, James May and dark-goateed Richard Hammond are still trying to hire a new driver. Even though they are arguably very open-minded, there are of course new and unpredictable developments in the quest… so if you have any idea, feel free to contact the guys on Twitter using the hashtag #newdriverstillwanted.