It turns out the trio still has trouble finding the right stunt driver for their show – you would think this is actually one of the most desirable jobs in the entire world, not the most demanding.

There might also be an issue with the Grand Tour trio and the performance Renault models – they just crashed an older Clio RS in the former trailer and during this new take we see a previous-generation Megane RS being another unwilling victim of a failed rollover stunt. It’s clear finding a new driver to replace The American for the upcoming season 2 is way more perilous – for the wannabe driver – than advertised. It could be due to Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond having very high expectations…

You might ask how high – well, for starters Mark Webber didn’t make the cut… No matter, since the shenanigans need to come to an end before the second season of The Grand Tour goes live on December 8 on the Amazon Prime video streaming service. This time around, the tent studio has been affixed to a single location – a country house in the United Kingdom that’s very close to Clarkson’s own residence. And to say this season preparation was uneventful – would be a major understatement after Hammond’s crash, May’s new haircut and Clarkson being out with pneumonia for a while.


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