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The new “Foot-to-floor” edition costs as little as $47, so better write to Santa what you want for Christmas – err, for your kid aged three years or less…

There’s enough time to snatch yourself the newest edition of the P1 hypercar, though you’ll really have to work out to use it because the advanced hybrid powertrain has been swapped for foot power supply. McLaren is of course delivering a small version of the P1 in the “foot-to-floor” edition from December and the toy car is up for grabs in the UK at This Is It Store where it costs a mere £35.99 (about $47). Painted in Volcano Yellow just like the real hypercar, the small version of the company’s flagship model comes as the latest addition to a very long line of licensed models and products inspired by the P1, and in time for its fifth anniversary.

[Video] The most affordable McLaren P1 costs just… trinkets 3

If you’re willing to spend more or the kid is all “grown up” you can also snatch the fully electric “ride-on” McLaren P1 that will go as fast as 3 mph (5 kph) – it wears the same striking Volcano Yellow paint and this one can be snatched from Toys R Us in the UK for £219.99 ($288). Of course, the 375 units of the actual McLaren P1 have already been sold out – but you can find pristine used examples all around the world these days, naturally for substantial amounts compared to the toy incarnations.