[Video] The Mustang RTR and Vaughn Gittin, Jr. play in Catalunya image

What happens when you’re a great drifting driver and you have support from one of the largest automakers in the world – you can see an example in racer Vaughn Gittin, Jr., his Mustang RTR and the ability to play even on Formula One circuits.

We all know that Ken Block’s Hoonicorn retro-Mustang is now a big beast of 1,400 horsepower, but this is not the only ‘Stang supported by Ford Performance. We also like the craziness exhibited by Vaughn Gittin, Jr. which is why we’re treating you to this video for no apparent reason. Well, since it’s Monday we all need some weekend relaxation to get the week started, so here’s your gasoline in blood pumping to the tire screams of the Mustang Ready to Rock, which is what the RTR stands for. He brought – because he can – the Mustang to Barcelona – to play on Spain’s well known Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

The video – if it matters – it’s called “Forever Drift” and shows Gittin hitting the Formula One bends with glorious tire screaming and lots of smoke. Gittin, Jr.’s car is the Mustang RTR Spec 5-D and is capable of 900 horsepower while tipping the scales at just 2,800 pounds – the engine is a 436 cubic-inch Ford Performance Roush-Yates V8 and allows the car to hit the quarter mile in just nine seconds.