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You need to see it to believe it, but if you’re eco-conscious till the moment you hit the grave, then this Nissan Leaf can take you on your last journey… in silence and with zero tailpipe emissions.

There’s a catch – you need to be on your merry way to higher plains of existence – or possibly Valhalla – in the United Kingdom, because this is where the Eco-Hearse from the funeral directors at Leverton & Sons is located. This is of course a special conversion of a regular Nissan Leaf, probably the best way to celebrate an especially environmentally conscious person. Brahms Electric Vehicles, also in England, is responsible for the conversion, with a transparent panel replacing most of the side of the vehicle, allowing the mourners an easy view of the coffin. The deck for carrying the casket is about the entire length of the vehicle – and the driver will actually be sitting next to it. There’s even a motor for tilting the coffin downward for additional side view for the driver or upward for easier unloading.

[Video] Nissan Leaf can also act as a green hearse… 4

Apparently Brahms has already made three such conversions, on used Nissan Leafs – making them even cheaper than a conventional funeral vehicle. While not just as green, there are numerous unconventional ways of taking the trip to meet the Maker. An Italian company converted a Maserati Ghibli, Biemme Special Cars has been converting Rolls-Royce Phantoms for years and last year a company from the Netherlands also had a green take on the job – with a Tesla Model S hearse.