Pet owners know very well that their animal of choice quickly becomes part of their everyday thought process, and for many people owning a dog, for example, also incurs specific automotive choices.

Nissan has now imagined the most exquisite dog-friendly hauler – the X-Trail 4Dogs actually treats the four-legged occupant a tad better than the rest of the occupants. In the standard cargo area you won’t be able to place any luggage – because the unique crossover uses quilted upholstery, has a two-way video feed to connect the front occupants’ infotainment display with a 10-inch screen in the back, so both dog and owner can see each other. There are also dishes for food and water and keeping the dog secured is a breeze because there’s also a clip for a harness in the cargo area.

[Video] The Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs is just a concept 4

By the way, some of the concept’s quirkiest – or cool, depends on the point of view – features include a hidden ramp that extends to give especially large dogs some help to get in the back. If you don’t want to keep your animal dirty there’s also a 360-degree shower that can unfurl from a drawer for rinsing off the pet. And there’s even a hair dryer… Meanwhile the rest of the crossover looks identical to a regular X-Trail – but you won’t see the 4Dogs concept into production, though we might see the company present pet-friendly features in the future.


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