[Video] The rather old Nissan Juke is the first car to do a “blind” J-Turn image

The little Juke kickstarted the B Segment crossover craze on its own, but it has grown rather dated today and is eagerly expecting a complete new generation – doing some stunts to pass the time, it seems.

The model had been fitted with blacked-out windows, while stunt driver Paul Swift only used the 360-degree Around View Monitor camera system to perform the maneuver. The J-turn – or reverse 180 – is a tricky move to achieve without proper experience and planning. But doing it “blind” should be considered impossible. As it turns out, stunt driver Paul Swift is now the first and so far the only person in the world to complete a blind J-turn. Please don’t do this at home even if you happen to own a Nissan Juke and the car’s 360-degree, Around View Monitor camera system which displays images on the infotainment screen.


The J-Turn is a means of quickly escaping from an ambush – start in reverse, get some speed and get the steering left or right completely – as the car will swing you need to switch into forward gear, straighten the car and drive away. Easy, right? Well, if you ever tried it you’ll understand this is no easy feat. You need to go very fast in reverse and turn the steering very quickly – then you need to precisely manage both steering and gears, as well as throttle to drive in the right direction and not smash into anything. Paul – after a few practice turns – executed a perfect J-Turn in a space just 7.1 inches (18 centimeters) longer the car, equaling the regular world record.