[Video] The science behind Tesla Roadster’s alleged 60mph time image

Remember, the Tesla Roadster, with its mind-bending specifications, is not coming out for another three – or four and so years, if we take into account Tesla’s usual tardiness.

This means that figures such as the 7,376 lb-ft (10,000 Nm) of maximum torque or the 60-mph figure of 1.9 seconds that would make it the quickest accelerating car in the world are still unproven. And there’s a whole range of models aiming for that coveted title – from the Dodge Demon to the newly arrival at SEMA – the Texan Hennessey Venom F5. And with all this in mind, one would wonder if someone with a little bit of knowledge about the world of physics and such might explain if all this is PR talk or is it really possible.

Naturally we thus refer to the Engineering Explained YouTube channel for this sort of things – and neatly, just in time a new video has arrived to discuss how in the world Tesla is going to pull such blistering times out of the hat. You better watch the full video because you’re going to learn a new thing or two, but the bottom line is the 2020 introduction date is not just for fans to go crazy, but also because the technology involved needs to improve to that level, most of all tire technology – as in the patch of rubber that actually delivers the car’s prowess.

Via Engineering Explained