It’s wrapped in star attractive gold plating and it’s got a supercar badge, but you won’t find any traces of the 450 hp air-cooled flat-six 3.6-litre engine under the hood. And it won’t reach 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds – well, it won’t actually reach 100 km/h, period.

That’s because what you’re unbelievably looking at is an Austrian made bicycle Porsche – the work of one Johannes Langeder, 48, which invested only £11,000 in making (by himself) his car. Which is also road legal – because in Austria it’s treated like a bike.

Speaking of which – although it has all it needs to look like a proper Porsche – from headlights and badge to brake lights and huge rear wing, the creation is treated by Austrian law like any other bike.

And so we come to its top speed of 10 mph (16 km/h) – achievable only if the owner does break a sweat! On the other hand it’s eerie quiet and entirely and utterly truly eco-friendly.

“The most impressive feature is its extreme slowness – everyone on the street is faster than you. You are no enemy to other road users and the slowness is a kind of luxury. Most car drivers need a second look before they realize it is technically a bicycle,” says Langeder, originally from the northern Austrian city of Linz.

The car took 6 months and around 1,000 hours to build, is made of a steel-frame and only weighs 99.6 kg – the rest of the car is equipped with plastic tubes, cardboard, aluminum foil and miles of tape. Oh, and it also has 24 gears…

Via Daily Mail


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