[VIDEO] The smell of the new BMW 7-Series image

It’s not a joke, there are people who are in charge of creating the smells of new cars and this is the one in charge of the new BMW 7-Series generation.

Just a couple of weeks after the official unveil of the 2016 BMW 7-Series, the flagship model made in Bavaria is returning in a new video, but this isn’t your average promo and it is focused around the creator of the car’s smell. Yes, you read that right. Meet Anabelle, a professional scent maker who has been working with BMW for the past three years.

The 2016 BMW 7-Series is coming in two versions, the regular and the long wheelbase. This stands at 5,098 mm in length (5,238 for the LWB), 1,902 mm in with and 1,478 mm in height (1,485 mm LWB). In terms of looks, this is very similar to its two smaller brothers, the 5-Series and the 3-Series. The engine lineup of the car includes the 4.4 liter V8 petrol engine in the 750i xDrive and 750Li xDrive, producing 450 HP, the 740i and 740Li with their 326 HP (240 kW) engine and the 730d and 730Ld, with the popular 3.0 liter diesel, rated now at 265 HP (195 kW). There is also a 730d xDrive and a 730Ld xDrive, with the same unit, along with a 740e, 740Le and 740Le xDrive, making use of a 2.0l engine and an electric motor, producing a total of 326 HP (240 kW).