[Video] The Stig sets world record… in bumper car image

You’ve all heard about the faceless tame racing driver The Stig over from Top Gear, and while he never made the switch alongside those The Grand Tour folks, he’s up to his usual shenanigans.

We’re still recovering from the disaster of a season last season, with the new team functioning better now, but as always – the Stig is something that retains “its” flavor no matter the packaging. So it was only natural that when we heard he posted a new world speed record we were curious – even more so when we learned he did it in a… bumper car. And in said bumper car he managed a respectable average of 100.3 miles per hour – the top speed was 107 mph but the official folks over at Guinness World Records require two runs in opposite directions. These get averaged in order to take any natural influence – such as tail wind – out of the equation.

[Video] The Stig sets world record… in bumper car 1

If you’re still not impressed, hitting 100 miles in something with no protection whatsoever should ring the first bell. Then we can tell you this is a triple-wheel bumper car, complete with bumper car wheels, chassis, and body. Naturally, this is no country fair bumper car – it was built by Colin Furze, who’s been renowned for such motoring enhancements world’s fastest pram (AKA baby carriage) and mobility scooter that hits 70 mph. He used a 600cc engine from a Honda CBR 600 sport bike, with around 100 horsepower, and there were added go-kart tires with disc brakes for some form of safety.