Mason is that great guy with an amazing collection of rare cars that also happens to be Pink Floyd’s drummer – and he occasionally revisits The Wall, this time around in his McLaren F1 GTR.

Jokes aside, Nick Mason and his prized race possession suffered a crash at the Goodwood Circuit – the incident can be seen in the embedded video. The driver came out unscathed but even though the wall encounter happened at relatively low speed the F1 GTR will need some serious repair shop time. The F1 GTR bounced off the barrier and some carbon fiber exploded from the supercar, no harm came to Mason, but it seriously ruined the design of the front end. If there’s no damage to the vehicle’s carbon fiber tub, the repairs will require some bodywork time and a thorough check of the mechanical bits for hidden issues.

Most likely the infamous 6.1-liter V12 was also unharmed. By the way, the vehicle is insured, but we can be sure Mason might want to increase his return on the car – last time we heard it was covered for 2.5 million pounds. A huge number, but in this day and age actually not enough – ultra-rare versions such as one of only LM-spec models with the Extra High Downforce Package can fetch an incredible $13.75 million.


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