[Video] There’s a Ford F-150 convertible conversion if you want it badly image

With convertibles less and less interesting for buyers, it may be a good idea for automakers and aftermarket specialists to seek other means of letting people enjoy the open air.

For example some try to give you four-door convertible conversions and some even go for open-top SUVs, such as the Wrangler Unlimited or the Range Rover Evoque Cabrio. But California’s Newport Convertible Engineering has decided the customer is king and will cut for him any top he wants – be it a Range Rover or a Tesla Model S. But now the company has decided to take a jab at America’s best selling model and pickup – the iconic F-150. For the conversion to be possible, the disappearance of the roof was accompanied with the creation of a roll hoop around the B-pillar for retaining some structural rigidity – and the open top is entirely electrically-operated.

[Video] There’s a Ford F-150 convertible conversion if you want it badly 5

We’re certainly intrigued by this oddity an wouldn’t mind driving it for a while – especially on rougher surfaces to see how it handles losing its top. Anyways, if you’re going to show up anywhere with a chopped off F-150 you’re pretty sure you’re getting the attention of everyone. Apparently Newport Convertible Engineering is also getting ready to build thousands of these conversions because of “extreme worldwide demand,” according to a statement.