[Video] These cars all have the 2017 Top Safety Pick+ image

The well known Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has decided to let know consumers in the United States which are the safest vehicles on the market, releasing the full list of vehicles claiming the 2017 Top Safety Pick+ honor.

We have to mention in advance that nailing the award was harder than ever before, which is why just 38 cars have earned the top accolade and another 44 managed to score the immediately below Top Safety Pick title. Among the modifications included is the need to have Good or at least an Acceptable rating in the car headlight test in order to qualify for the + pick. And out of the 38 vehicles getting the top distinction actually just seven 2017 model year cars have received a Good rating for the headlights: Chevy Volt, Honda Ridgeline, Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Santa Fe, Subaru Legacy, Toyota Prius, and the Volvo XC60.

IIHS also mentioned a few details – Hyundai Tucson had the acceptable-rated headlights only on the version getting the superior rating for autobrake. The same happened with the Infiniti Q70, which has a superior rating only for the optional front crash prevention system, and the headlights bundled in the version only qualify for a marginal rating. Actually on the Q70 the standard headlights have an acceptable rating, but they-re swapped for worse ones with the aforementioned front crash prevention system. In addition, IIHS also pointed out 21 models have a standard front crash prevention system alongside automatic braking.