[Video] These RC trucks and cranes are truly amazing image

We have to admit, once we saw this crazy video our still young hearts raced and we instantly knew it should be shared with the entire world.

There’s no denying, even if you’re not passionate anymore about the beautiful world of RC machines – as we know the bug can’t be avoided back in childhood – just watching this small inside into the world of mini RC cranes, trucks and other specialized machines makes us rush to the big box we have in the attic that contains the remainders of our beloved toys – RC or not.

On to more serious matters – if you can – the video was made during the 2014 Intermodellbau show in Dortmund, Germany – which, as you already imagine, reunites those who stay true to their child heart no matter the age.

And, as I just completed the 100th view of the video with may 2-year-old boy – who is truly and utterly mesmerized by these beautiful machines – I can also say that all the scale models seem to belong to the same company – called RMW.