British artist Stephen Wiltshire is one of those real world superheroes – his amazing gift is photographic memory – so he showed us his prowess by drawing a Nissan Micra at first sight.

Wiltshire was allowed just 60 seconds to observe the new Micra before having to replicate it in a 3D drawing using virtual reality technology. This is of course thanks to his incredible photographic memory that allows him to draw minutely detailed images after only a couple of minutes of subject observation. His specialization is also nothing short of sensational – huge pen and paper drawings of cityscapes which he usually tackles after a short helicopter ride across the city. He is also a fan of American cars, as well, and apparently has an encyclopedic knowledge of the subject.

Nissan noticed him and approached to put his skills to a challenge – draw a Nissan Micra hatchback after he has a look at the car for just one minute. It would be easy considering his gift – but the company added a complication. Instead of his usual 2D, on paper creations, Wiltshire needed to deliver a 3D image, with help from virtual reality technology. He used for the task the Google Tilt Brush handsets and HTC Vive headset – and the result is even indicative of his distinctive style.



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