[VIDEO] This is how the Ferrari FXX K was designed image

Ferrari has released a new video in which the designing of the new FXX K is being highlighted.

The Maranello based supercar maker, Ferrari, is placing one of its high-end models into the spotlights once again. We are talking about the FXX K as this is happening with the help of a video. The clip posted below is showing us how the track-only toy was designed and it’s a good exercise for those of you who are fans of the Italian brand. The footage is not coming with a voice over and this is probably the best way to release it, considering the fact that the engine noise is what is keeping us busy.

The Ferrari FXX K has been officially unveiled in late 2014. This is the newest track-only toy developed in Maranello and it has been put together in just 32 units. As we all know, exclusivity doesn’t come cheap and each one has been priced at a whopping 2.7 million USD. Remember, this is a hypercar which cannot be driven on public roads but, even so, the company has managed to sell all units. The Ferrari FXX K has been based on the Ferrari LaFerrari and it is coming with the same 6.3 liter V12 engine under its hood, rated at 860 HP (633 kW) in this case, along with the 190 HP (140 kW) electric motor. The total output stands at 100 HP more than the one in the LaFerrari, 1,050 HP (772 kW).