[Video] This is how VW’s Golf GTI Clubsport S Nurburgring record went down image

Volkswagen has also decided to let some of the world’s auto journalists in on the Nurburgring record attempt, and we have an on-board lap of the achievement courtesy of the guys over at Autocar.

We have heard lots of rumors and hints about the hotter “S” version of the Golf GTI Clubsport, especially the fact that it had been specifically tuned with the ‘Ring in mind. At that point the entire Internet rocked about VW’s attempt to take down the Nurburgring FWD production car record – and the company delivered a 7 minutes and 49.21 seconds lap courtesy of German racing driver Benny Leuchter. We got during the official reveal lots of on location pictures and courtesy of a location clip from Autocar we also have the video proof – by the way, the clip was actually shot by Volkswagen itself.

If you don’t remember, the Golf GTI Clubsport S is a tuned version with 310 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque under the hood courtesy of the ubiquitous turbocharged, 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. The car also lost some weight at the “gym”, making it about 66 pounds (30 kilograms) lighter than the regular Golf GTI Clubsport. The S will have just the manual six-speed box and catches 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 5.8 seconds on its way to a maximum speed of 162 mph (260 km/h). The model will also be very exclusive, since just 400 units will be manufactured, of which 100 will be reserved for Germany and another 150 for the UK market.

Via Autocar.co.uk