[VIDEO] This is how you crash a brand new 2016 Camaro image

An automotive journalist has become “famous” after crashing a camouflaged prototype of the new Chevrolet Camaro generation.

It’s not rare for an automaker to invite a select group of journalists to test its new models in a controlled environment but it is pretty weird to crash such a ride in those circumstances. This is a lesson a guy working for the journalist was asked to leave.

“I made a mistake, took a line that was all wrong and braked far later than I should have, inducing terminal understeer. I think that’s what happened, at least. It happened very quickly, and adrenaline has a way of mucking with your memory. I probably wasn’t as focused as I could have been, since I was trying to talk and record my driving impressions into a GoPro at the time”, said Patrick George.

The automotive journalists has had a paramedic checked him out as a precaution after the unfortunate incident and after a round of “apologies”, a representative within General Motors has asked him to leave the press event. It seems that some officials from GM were angry at Jalopnik as the website published some specs on the muscle car, just a day before its official debut, and the crashed test mule was “the straw that broke the camel’s back”. You can see the whole incident in the clip posted below.