[Video] This is the first Bugatti Chiron to arrive in the US of A image

With the customer taking command of the very first US example, it’s clear he wanted to make an entrance – with this colorful mix of black and yellow that reminds us of just how stupid Bay’s Transformers movies are even though Bumblebee is epic every time.

For a huge chunk of money – more so if you personalize it – you could snatch the less exclusive but oh boy way better successor of the Veyron. The latter was produced in a mere 450 examples, but now the Chiron can be had during its 500-unit stint. Bugatti has decided to treat us to the very first example produced for America – easily recognizable due to the ugly front and rear protrusions (yes, the mandatory lights). The United States is actually the model’s second biggest market – with 30 percent of current orders. As per regulations, the yellow & black W16 wonder has gained mandatory side markers and the stupid bumper pads for protection at low-speed collisions.

[Video] This is the first Bugatti Chiron to arrive in the US of A 3

Let’s just say that when the machine you’re driving costs almost $3 million without any options added, you’re not going to care about those things helping you save a few hundred thousand dollars in repair fees. Bugatti is also happy to announce that more than half the production has already been sold, which means it’s more popular than the model it replaced, still holder of the record for world’s fastest production car (Super Sport World Record Edition).