[Video] This is the first ever monster truck front flip image

This past weekend everything changed in the monster truck arena – you know, those monster-large cars that do all sorts of things and constantly prove anything is possible.

At the Monster Jam Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada, the crowd was stunned as a onster truck has nailed a world first – a successful front flip. The gravity-defying feat was the artwork of driver Lee O’Donnell, also known as ‘Mad Scientist,’ and by all means people even thought this was done by accident. But it turns out O’Donnell and his team had been practicing this well-calculated move – get the nose up in the air, then launch the back end up and over the front, and pull a successful landing…

Check out the video for proof – and marvel at how monster trucks throughout the history of the Monster Jam series have managed to set the bar high on crazy stunts. In case you don’t remember, the first backflip was achieved by the infamous Grave Digger in 2011 at the Monster Jam finals in Las Vegas. All said and done, it was only natural that O’Donnell took home the freestyle title at Monster Jam XVIII with a final score of 9.355 out of 10. You can watch its entire run in the video above – it’s safe for work, sort of – and you can also skip to 2:21 to see the front flip in action (complete with epic fail at the end!).